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“Hail Satan” Protesters Hired By Planned Parenthood

“Hail Satan” Protesters Hired By Planned Parenthood

It’s really no surprise. There really isn’t that much of a true grassroots effort on the left to push for more abortion “rights.” Every pro-life rally I’ve been to was always countered with two or three “pro-choice” protesters. That’s all they could come up with compared to our dozens or hundreds.

Now, it could be that abortion has become so “normal” that most liberals are generally content. And they’ll only riot when they feel their paradigm is being threatened. So, I’m sure there were real protesters there at the Texas capitol, protesting a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks and even chanting “Hail Satan” in response to the pro-lifers who were singing “Amazing Grace.”

But many of those allegedly pro-abortion activists actually responded to an ad on Craigslist, which promised them big bucks to act like a protester. Money talks:

“A grassroots political consulting group, whose major clients include the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was recruiting individuals on Craigslist and offering to pay them $1,300 to $2,200 a month to ‘protect women’s rights’ in Austin, Texas for their client, Planned Parenthood. The ads, entitled ‘Keep America Pro-Choice’ and ‘You Don’t Need To Filibuster To Stand Up To Anti-Pro Choice Politicians,’ were placed on Craigslist by Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., for Planned Parenthood.”

The ad read:

“PROTECT WOMEN’S RIGHTS IN 2013! Grassroots Campaigns is immediately hiring passionate and motivated people to help educate the public and identify new supporters to protect reproductive rights. We’re working right now to: keep birth control affordable, oppose attacks on women’s health, ensure healthcare access and expand global reproductive rights.”

I wonder how much money the pro-lifers were paid to show up in their support for the bill and to counter the pro-aborts. My guess is probably nothing. That’s because pro-lifers actually believe in a set of principles, and those principles are worth fighting for. We don’t need to be paid to protest abortion or to show our support for pro-life legislation. As for the pro-abort people, well, they’ll only protest if the money’s right. The best protection on the market.

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  1. When the baby killers chant "Hail Satan!" , it is clear who is behind Planned Parenthood. Abortion is no different than sacrificing babies in the flames at the feet of the ancient "god" Molech, where parents would burn their babies alive in hopes of prosperity and certain conveniences making life easier without responsibility for children. Abortion denies the right to life, denies the humanity of the unborn, and is UNGODLY!

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